What is BHO?

What is the BHO? One way to extract the most popular cannabinoids and terpenes of this time. It is a purge with butane. Its acronym stands for Butane Hash Oil. It is also called Butane Honey Oil for its honey-like color.

The extraction of the cannabinoids is carried out under pressure with butane with special materials. Depending on the humidity and the technique used in the extraction, different products are obtained. These forms of the BHO are classified according to their consistency and performance. This solvent extraction uses a steel tube to contain the buds and inside it passes the butane that does the job.

BHO types: shatter, wax, crumble and budder

The hardest is the shatter. It looks like a solid golden oil plate with bubbles like a Gruyère cheese plate but from concentrated cannabis. It is the extraction that preserves the terpenes less. But it is the one that achieves the highest percentage of THC which is 90%.

Wax or wax

Another popular type of BHO is wax. Much required for the consistency that dabbers love to burn in their pipe. And also by the Dab Rigs, the preferred pipe for smoking BHO concentrates and also Rosin.

Crumble or Moon Rock

The crumble or Moon Rock is another way of making BHO. It looks like a golden sponge. It is very malleable so it can be used with the dabber but also spread out in a blunt. The extract is a purge that is obtained at a low temperature for a long time of exposure to heat. That technique gives it its unique texture that crumbles just by touching it.


Budder is another popular technique for this extraction. It is probably the purest form of BHO and achieves rich terpene extractions. Its consistency is so similar to butter that if it were not for its shape it would be spreadable on bread.

Sap: cannabis sap

Perhaps the stickiest version of BHO is sap. As its name implies it is highly sticky. So, this extraction will be attached to any surface. So, store it well and use it on your Dab Rig.

Pull and Snap

The other possibility of Hash Butane Oil is the so-called Pull and Snap. Another favorite for dabeo due to its magnificent consistency. It looks like a golden crystal easy to break with your fingers.


The oil version of the BHO is the most popular in the vapeable marijuana cartridges. Each time with greater acceptance from users.

BHO extraction: very careful

The type of BHO extraction will mark the final product. To get any of the ones presented above, you have to know how to use the technique, have a good quality of buds and, above all, know the extraction process in terms of purging and winterization. They are few variables, but very important to get one product or another.

BHO is one of the most efficient extraction methods. But it is also the most malleable, it allows the user to choose the preferred textures.

If you are going to do this extraction, take into account the safety recommendations of the utensils you are going to use. Don’t just do it the first few times. Butane is highly volatile and has burned hundreds of newbies who think they have everything under control.

Also remember that BHO, when concentrated, is strong. It has a much more powerful effect than smoked cannabis. The THC concentration fluctuates, depending on the technique used, between 50% and 90%.

Don’t skimp on safety. And getting high with the BHO which is a magnificent extraction.

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