How to roll marijuana cigarettes?

The marijuana cigarette is undoubtedly one of the best known ways to consume cannabis. The enjoyment of the flavor of the flower is fully appreciated when we make a cigarette, place it over our mouth and inhale the dense smoke. All users who use marijuana should know how to roll their own cigarette.

The most important things to keep in mind is that the cigarette should not be not too tight, that it has a good draft, that it has a good combustion and that it is well glued so as not to fall apart.

What does it take to make a marijuana cigarette?

Cannabis variety of choice

Cigarette paper of choice

Filter (optional)

Cannabis grinder or scissors

Some sharp object to press the excess of marijuana and manage to close the cigarette.

How much marijuana do I need to make a cigarette?

To begin with, a good measure to consider is 1/2 gram of marijuana to make a cigarette with a regular paper. Starting from the side of the filter, or where the mouth will be placed, will facilitate assembly since marijuanas rests can fall at the end, adjusting the exact size for the cigarette.

As a reference, most of the pre-rolls that are bought in dispensaries where the sale of marijuana is legal are of a full gram.

Once the user learns to assemble, they can experiment with larger paper sizes such as King size or use other types of elements such as cellulose or blunts.

Step One: Grind the marijuana

 A good grinder is essential for any marijuana user, and grinding it will help the combustion and the way of burning the cigarette to be neat and decent. If you don’t have a grinder, you can use your hands, although they will get very sticky, and the marijuana pieces will be larger than ideal. Scissors also work, the smaller the better.

Second step: Create a filter

It can be done with almost anything, but thin cardboard or business cards are the most widely used. Some papers come with extra cardboard to use as filters and can also be found in smoke shops.

To create a successful filter, you have to make a crease and then a cylinder. The filter is not mandatory but it is very comfortable and prevents too much resin from collecting in the cigarette’s extreme, making the art of smoking more complicated. It also adds some stability to the cigarette and allows the user to waste as little cannabis as possible without burning their fingers.

Step 3: Fill the rolling paper with cannabis

With the filter already attached to one end of the open paper, the next step is to fill the rolling paper with the grounded cannabis. Once the paper has enough, you can start rolling. This part takes practice and is different for each user, but the technique would be to roll with both hands at the same time, and to the same side.

Step 4: Roll and paste

Roll into a cone shape, putting the paper that does not have glue inside the cigarette. The glued part should face up on the side of the cigarette. Using a little moisture, moisten the glue end of the paper and lay it on the dry paper.

Step 5: Adjust

Once the joint is assembled, you can use a sharp element or a match to lower the marijuana and compact the cigarette a little more. It can be closed with excess paper as if it were a candy wrapper.

With any of our varieties you can build yourself a delicious joint. If you choose a sticky strain, such as Gorilla Glue, you will have to use scissors since your grinder can get very sticky. If you want to smoke something more sativa, like Pineapple Larry or something more indica, like Double Cookies you can consult with our team for advice on which strain you should try. 

The last step is to smoke it and enjoy!

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