How to make marijuana butter?

One of the easiest cannabis recipes to make is the marijuana butter one. In any recipe book with marijuana, the butter recipe will be among the first since after having this product the world of cannabis cuisine opens up widely.

Cannabinoids in marijuana are better absorbed in fats, both in our body and in other fatty materials such as butter, milk and oil, among others.

Something very important to keep in mind is that when consuming cannabis in edibles, 100% of the cannabinoids (THC / CBD) are used. When you smoke, only 40% is consumed, because the other 60% evaporates on combustion. This means that consuming marijuana in edibles is something very different from smoking a cigarette. To have a good experience, you have to respect the measurements and consume in small amounts until you understand the tolerance level of each user.

For this recipe you will need:

-250gr of butter

-1/2 liter of water

-25gr of resinous marijuana leftovers or 15gr of cannabis flowers.

Ideally, take advantage of as much of the plant as possible, that is why in the harvest all the leftovers of the plant that are not the flower and have residual resin can be used for preparations of this type.

There are several methods to decarboxylate marijuana and this process is necessary to get the most out of your edibles. The easiest way is in the oven and to do this you have to chop the marijuana and heat it to 115ºC for approximately 45 minutes, stirring the product from time to time.

Once all the ingredients are there, you have to chop or cut the remains of the marijuana. The water should be boiling and once ready you can add the butter along with the marijuana.

Something very important is to stir for half an hour so that the resin detaches from the flower or leaves and remains in the fat. The heat will help us with the decarboxylation process, which will make the cannabinoids activate.

Finally, you have to strain the butter, transfer it to a container and let it cool for at least 6 hours.

When removing it from the refrigerator, you must remove the excess water.

Once we have this butter, the number of uses that can be put to it are thousands. You can make multiple recipes that include butter or even spread it on bread. Either way, the user will be able to experience a journey that begins at the body while slowly rising to the head.

When cooking with cannabis butter and following a recipe with the intention of converting it to a cannabis one, it is best to use half the recommended amount of cannabis butter and half regular butter.

Whenever you experiment with edibles the best way to do it is little by little. Some people absorb THC more quickly and strongly. On the other hand, if the intention is to make butter for therapeutic purposes, CBD flowers can always be used to avoid psychoactive consumption of the substance.

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