Cannabis Moon Rocks: what it is, how it is prepared and what effects it produces

The legalization of marijuana is advancing in the world and the universe of cannabis culture as well. These products belong to a category called “marijuana caviar”, this is the case of Moon rocks, their English expression means “moonstone”.

What are Marijuana Moon Rocks and how are they prepared?

A Moon Rock joint is prepared by coating a cannabis flower with one or more extracts (eg hash oil, rosin, BHO, etc.) and then bathing it in a thick layer of kief.

At present, you can find moon rocks weed in its two versions: one with a high THC content and the other potent in CBD.

Moon Rocks get their name from the high that sends you out of this world, straight to “the moon.” Be prepared with cannabis produces a long-lasting high, with a more physical than cerebral impact.

What is the origin of the Moon Rocks?

Its origin is uncertain, but the people who popularized the Moon Rocks were the North American rapper Kurupt (today marijuana magnate) and the producer / director Dr. Zodiak. After a musical work in 2013, they launched: Kurupt’s Moonrock.

How to smoke the Moon Rocks?

The most advisable thing is to use pipes or glass / glass bong, as it is a quality bud, it does not make sense to use materials that alter the flavor. If you decide to build a moon rock joint, use scissors gently to cut, not with a chopper, this will prevent too much kief from being lost. But how to smoke moonrock will be entirely up to you.

More Tips for Consuming Moon Rocks

You will experience sensations of great impact, but to enjoy them it is advisable to be prepared for those moments. When you inhale a few puffs of Moon Rocks, within minutes you will feel its effect run through your body.

Create a comfortable environment

Create a comfortable environment before smoking Moon Rocks and approach everything you are going to use. Once you smoke a few puffs of this potent preparation, you just want to relax and enjoy the high.

The main recommendation is to use hemp wicks, so butane is not consumed.

It is not recommended to smoke Moon Rocks in the streets while doing activities.

Be with someone

Moon Rocks, generally, exceed 50% THC and reach up to 25% CBD, these levels will leave you high for a long time, so it is advisable to be accompanied.

Stay hydrated

It is essential that while you smoke Moon Rocks, you drink water to stay hydrated. Since cannabis itself causes dehydration, smoked or consumed in any other way, it reduces the production of saliva.


Moon rocks are considered the most powerful cannabis preparation in the world. Homemade preparation is already common, but it is not simple. It requires a large quantity of flowers and knowledge of extraction techniques, with or without solvent.

Related questions

How long do Moon rocks take to take effect?

Its effect is fast, but it always depends on the metabolism of each person.

Does consuming moon rocks do any harm?

It has the potential to completely overwhelm both novice and expert consumers. If you do not have much experience with extracts, it is advisable to go little by little so as not to have a bad time.