Have you ever ever wondered why so many musicians have a close relationship with cannabis? Because we believe that it has to do a lot with the creative power which awakens when we consume and experiment with the different strains.

Historically, cannabis has been linked to rap, reggae and hip hop. The passion for this plant has been linked to lyrics of metal, rock & roll, electronic and even country music. . So, year after year, a plethora of cannabis events are carried out among the global music industry.

Together, we are building a great community and we like to exchange experiences
So we invite you to join.

¿Cuál ha sido tu experiencia con el cannabis hasta ahora? ¿Qué sabes sobre sus tradiciones y propiedades?

If you are a cultivator expert, can you send us pictures of your culture or just tell us, how you spend your free time and what you like in general.

We love stories

evening sharing them; furthermore, the fact of looking at it from the other side, generates a type of bond which creates equality.